Geomechanical Engineering

Geomechanics has an important role to play in assessing formation integrity during well construction and completion, and in the response of the reservoir to oil production, water injection and depletion.


Using the principles of engineering, soil science, biology, and chemistry to develop solutions to environmental problems.

Courses & Training
(Geomechanics, Geology and Data Analysis)

From on-call technical support to a short-term troubleshooting project, to a long-term project management assignment, our consultants use their deep real-world expertise to help achieve optimal results. And not only can we help you solve technical challenges, we can also help you build the staff you need to better address challenges moving forward through services for training, and coaching and mentoring.

Construction Material Testing (QA/QC Testing)

We have the highest standards for quality control and laboratory tests in construction materials and the best proposals for the sector.

Production Geology & Well Control

Our team manage the production of a field and get more hydrocarbons out of it. The work of production geologists includes understanding the reservoir from a geological point of view and creating a model for it by using computer software. This model provides all the information needed for hydrocarbons production.

Development Reservoir

Our work concerns the optimization of characteristic petroleum production problems considering economic factors, An optimization procedure requires the characterization of the function to be optimized known as the objective function. as well as the choice of an appropriate optimizing method. The complexity of predicting hydrocarbon production profiles requires the right people with the right tools.

Exportation of Tools & Equipment

We provide our clients in our international markets with the equipment and tools necessary for the development of their operations.

Oil and Gas Business Management

 We explore oil and gas industry developments and facilitate the continued learning of oil and gas professionals. Our online oil and gas content we offer a slew of technical and strategic oil and gas industry conferences across Europe, Asia, the US, and the Middle East.


Operationalize data analytics on an enterprise-ready platform to drive crucial business outcomes.

Mud Logging

With the most rigorous procedures and expertise we offer our services of geological control of drilling as part of core operations.

Real Time Pore Pressure Analyst

Pore pressure and development of geomechanical subsoil models are our strongest services, they are the key to the success of operations in conventional and unconventional reservoir.

Development of Pre-Drill Models for Challenging Mature Fields

We are experts in understanding the deposits, that is why we can plan the best designs for hydraulic fractures and establishments of the best targets to elevate and maintain the production of the fields.

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