Leonardo Graterol,

Account Manager


Jorge is a really smart engineer, with few information can get an idea to solve complex situations, in geomechanics had a wonderful performance. Also in operations of work over he can give an outstanding response indifferent of the situation.​


Dr. Agustin Pablo Sosa Massaro,

Geologist / Geomechanics


I would strongly recommended Jorge for working or participate in projects related with the oil industry, especially in geomechanical issues. He has a strong background, and is able to enhance with his knowledge any team where he can be inserted in.


Dario Gonzalez,

Geodesist Engineer / GIS Specialist


Mr Barrios is a professional with a scientific and technical background who has allowed him to handle a wide spectrum of geomecanics projects, from the most common to the most complex. His wit, acuity and tireless curiosity have turned him into a professional very versatile and capable of adapting to any setting. He always has been characterized for being a good teacher and a leader with much common sense.


Humberto Parra,

Senior Geologist / Geomodeller Specialist


I had the privilege of working with Jorge in several projects at the Venezuelan National Oil Company (PDVSA) for more than 9 years. Among all the achievements and contributions he provided to the team, I was impressed by his ability to find quick solution in short time response, specially in operational activities working under pressure. I highly recommend Jorge as I am sure he will be a valuable asset in any organization, specially working in activities related to Geology and Geomechanics.

marathon oil.jpg

Juan Ramos,

Geomechanical Specialist

Marathon Oil Corp

Jorge is a talented professional. I had the opportunity to work with him as an experienced geologic and geomechanics engineer. His technical skills, abilities on geomechanics analysis, mentoring, teaching experience and professionalism makes him a great professional able to solve technical and non-technical problems in the oil and gas industry. I strongly recommend him in any professional position related to geomechanics, geology or as an experienced academic advisor.


Andrea Osorio,

Reservoir Engineer


I had the privilege of working with Jorge Barrios during my thesis in PDVSA, in the Integrated Reservoir Studies department. I am able to say that Jorge is a highly committed engineer that cares about transmitting his knowledge and expertise to the following generations. He is open-minded and strict at the same time; his field knowledge is reflected in the high quality work and many tasks he performs in a daily basis.