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Petróleos de Venezuela

National advisory expert on the Construction of 1D and 3D geomechanical models, in Petróleos de Venezuela. PDVSA. In Lake and Land Divisions developing activities as geologist, geomechanics and project integrator in the department of Integrated Studies of Reserves, and development of deposits, Exploration and Production. Fields: Alto de ceuta, Moporo tierra, Moporo lago, Eocenefract, Centro Sur Lago, Faja del Orinoco, Bachaquerolago, Boloque III, Bloque IV, Bloque XV, Travis, El Furrial, Carito, Urdaneta, Lagocinco, costa afuera.

oil tanks

Volumetric Planning Projects

Senior geologist management in volumetric planning projects, preservation and analysis of cores for projects of static models of reservoirs, geomechanical models, subsidence and drilling campaigns in new or re-exploration areas.

Well Drill



Consultant for wells with objectives ranging from ultra-deep wells unconventional, over pressurized, to shallow deposits in mature fields, with high geological, sedimentological and structural complexities due to the geodynamics of the formation of the different existing basins.




Leader of Scientific Project Technology Oil Museum as a Strategy for Knowledge Transfer and Development of Tourism technological.

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Geologist of reservoir development, expert in drilling, re-entry proposals, repairs, stimulations, run logs to wells, pressure registers, detection of formation tops, increase of potential, geological control of the perforations in real time.